Work in Netherlands Through DB Work

Blogs News 14.06.22

Work in Netherlands Through the Recruitment Agency DB Work

DB Work is constantly looking for professionals and skilled people eager to work abroad. Most of those who want to work in The Netherlands will benefit from a legal contract and a mediation program full of advantages. If you have never been in contact with such a service, but you want to earn more by working abroad, read this guide to see what benefits you have, how you will get paid, and what jobs are available and most suitable for you.

What do mediation and job placement mean?

A mediation and employment agency has four very clear obligations. To be registered with the territorial labor inspectorate, to conclude a mediation contract with the employees who will work abroad, to provide clear and complete details about the available jobs abroad, and to ensure that every employment contract between employee and employer is concluded.

But what DB Work does for you is make sure you have a completely safe and legal start to every job you choose. You will also find in this guide a paragraph listing all the benefits you would receive when choosing a foreign job through DB Work.

DB Work employment areas and work in Netherlands

DB Work employs both skilled and unskilled workers in many areas. Depending on the experience you have gained so far, you can apply for one of the jobs available on our platform. You can apply by simply registering an account, coming to our fairs that we organize several times a year, or by talking to one of our recruiters. Here is some information on every field of jobs available abroad:

Shipbuilding - Work in Netherlands

DB Work will help you find every sort of shipbuilding jobs for large or small companies. The main activity of these companies is the construction and repairing of ships while complying with the standards imposed by international regulations. Professionals and skilled workers are needed for this field. Click here to see if there are any vacancies.


The field of constructions is an immortal field where there will always be a need for real workers specializing in several sectors. DB Work is always looking for workers with experience in demolition, painting, carpentry, installation, or electrical work. The Netherlands is the country where these experienced workers are highly valued and the job offers are very attractive. Click here for the offer.


In the industrial field, where seriousness and safety are very important principles, DB Work needs the best and most experienced workers for positions such as: electricians, welders, industrial operators, and the list goes on. If you want more information about such jobs abroad, click here.


Logistics is not just a department, it is an entire industry. Without this activity, the largest companies in the world would not have even half of the current turnover. Storing, distributing, delivering, and managing orders are just some of the activities where DB Work needs workers. We are constantly looking for people and workers ready for a professional experience with all the benefits included. See the vacancies here.

Work in Netherlands in Engineering

Engineers have a special place in Dutch companies always lack. Europeans are the main category of engineers who adapt the fastest to the level of work in the Netherlands. Thus, DB Work needs you if you have experience in civil engineering, design engineering, or every sort of engineering. We make sure to find the perfect match between the right people and the right positions. See more details here.


In The Netherlands, transport is the main way people honor their presence both at work and at home. It is also vital for companies or within distribution processes. DB Work offers jobs abroad to professional drivers from all over Europe. If you have driving in your blood and you want to enjoy highways and good roads as a truck driver, choose to register for one of the vacancies.

Steps to get started quickly and safely 

  1. Go to and see the list of all available jobs. You can apply directly for one of them. On the job description, you will find all the information you need,  and also all the benefits and extra details.
  2. Click on the right arrow button and you will be transferred directly to the information page where you will be able to fill in an application form. You will also be able to upload a CV on that form. If you can't complete the form, send your resume at
  3. You will then be contacted online or by phone for an interview. Depending on the location of the employer, you will receive details for each category of a job abroad.
  4. After the interview, you will have to wait a few days to receive a personalized job offer.
  5. All you have to do is pack up, pack your bags, and get ready to go to work in The Netherlands.

DB Work Employment Benefits

  • Accommodation with included utilities 
  • You will benefit from local transportation (ensured by a company car)
  • Transport to The Netherlands from your home country
  • Medical insurance.
  • The contract is 100% legal.
  • If you need help obtaining documents in the Netherlands, DB Work can help.
  • Working equipement to ensure your safety

Do you want to work in Netherlands? Choose to collaborate with DB Work!


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