Characteristics of the Dutch Lifestyle

Blogs 19.01.23

The Characteristics of the Dutch Lifestyle

Every country has its own culture, and when it comes to relocating to a new country like the Netherlands, one less comfortable thing can be the adaptation to Dutch culture.

The DB Work team sends skilled workers and professionals to the Netherlands throughout the year, and from our experience, we have managed to identify the most obvious characteristics that distinguish the Dutch from the rest of Europeans. Therefore, you will be able to prepare for the cultural change, and the adaptation will be faster. 

The Dutch have a healthy lifestyle

Perhaps the most important impact that the Netherlands and Dutch behavior will have on you is the improvement of your lifestyle. The Dutch are known for the way they live their lives, for how physically active they are, for not overindulging and for the culture that has developed around these principles.

  • The Dutch spend a lot of time in nature, which is one of the favorite activities for strengthening friendships and relationships, but also for family connections.
  • Cycling is as natural in the Netherlands as drinking water. The streets of the Netherlands have more bicycles than people, which says everything about the sports culture of this country.
  • In the Netherlands, many sports are practiced. Teams such as Ajax Amsterdam (football), PSV Eindhoven (football) or Oranje Zwart (Field Hockey) were born in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Tolerance is well known

Being a country with a highly developed industrial and naval sector where most employees come from other countries, the Dutch have developed a commendable tolerance for multiculturalism. Even from the 19th century, people from Germany and Belgium traveled to the Netherlands to work, and over the years, the Dutch have become very open to immigrants and to people of different cultures.

This tolerance has also been contributed by the Netherlands' economic power, which being one in growth, has needed a lot of labor force that could only be found abroad. Sectors such as construction or the naval sector, where DB Work will always look to hire professionals, have been part of the set of industries where the Netherlands has always requested the supplement of the workforce.

Furthermore, the Dutch government has also implemented a promising framework for expats and immigrants, and those who choose to move to the Netherlands for work will find that at least from a legal standpoint, processes are clear and quite simple to fulfill.

The Dutch are family-oriented

Family values are highly valued in Dutch society. The Dutch are known for their close relationships with their family members and often make efforts to maintain these relationships.

In addition, the Dutch society is small and very united, which can contribute to a strong sense of family. Children are encouraged to maintain close ties with their parents and grandparents, and extended family members often play a significant role in the upbringing of children. The Netherlands also has a generous parental leave policy that allows parents to take significant time off work to care for their young children, which also contributes to the strong emphasis on family.

Therefore, if you choose to go to work in the Netherlands in one of the jobs from our list of vacancies, you will enjoy an easy adaptation process both for your children and for any situations in which you may want to start a family.

Final tip

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