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Working in construction

Long-lasting structure is what shapes a country. Join our team of professional construction workers.

Work in Construction

We hire construction professionals for large and medium-sized companies all over the Netherlands. We are always looking for both skilled and unqualified people for different construction jobs around the country. We strive to match the right person with the right company. 

We are constantly posting different types of construction jobs: demolition workers, painters, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and many more. 

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“I came to the Netherlands to study, but I had to find a job so I could support myself. This is how I found DB Work. I didn’t need any special qualifications to get hired.


Demolition worker

Working as a demolition worker

Working as a demolition worker means paying attention to the structure of a building and making sure the specified material is destroyed during the demolition process. You will have to comply with a certain set of measures to ensure your safety. 

Training courses 

As our jobs in the constructions field vary, the needed training courses depend on the job you land. Depending on the type of work you will do, you might need different sorts of authorizations. These will be arranged by DB Work if needed.

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