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Working in production industry

Working in the production industry means creating new things. Join our team of professionals and build the future.

Work in Production Industry

We hire different types of professionals for large and medium-sized companies all over the Netherlands. We are always looking for both skilled and unqualified people for different sorts of jobs around the country. We strive to match the right person with the right company. 

We are constantly looking for industry professionals such as assembly workers, electricians, welders, industrial operators, and many more. 

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I came to The Netherlands in 2018 and I really like the working environment here. It’s clean, friendly and there’s a lot of attention to safety.


Assembly worker

Working as an assembly worker

Working as an assembly worker means knowing how to utilize different tools and machinery and learning the production flow. In order to be able to work in a factory, you will have to comply with a certain set of measures to ensure your safety. 

Training courses

The production industry is a field with plenty of job types. Every job requires a certain type of qualification. Depending on the type of work you do, you will need different sorts of authorizations. These will be arranged by DB Work if needed.

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