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Working in Logistics

Warehousing, distribution, delivery, order management. This is what Logistics means.

Working in Logistics

When we say logistics we say supply chain. This is the domain that keeps things running smoothly in every company, and that ensures the arrival of a product at the right consumer in due time. Our employees work for large and medium-sized logistics companies all over the Netherlands.

We hire both skilled and unskilled professionals to work in Dutch warehouses. Our goal is to offer the best job opportunities for candidates and the best candidates to our partners.

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I came to The Netherlands for the first time 5 years ago. I started working as an picking & packing operator and I realized this is what I wanted to do.


warehouse operator

Working as a warehouse operator

The term warehouse operator compiles different jobs: cherry picker, order picker, reachtruck operator, and many more. All these jobs have a common goal: to make sure that products reach the final customer in the proper time. You will be responsible for arranging shelves, moving and carrying large pallets with products, organizing items, and packing orders.

Training courses for working in Logistics

As logistics is a domain that requires human interaction, most jobs require common knowledge of the English language. Another important requirement is different authorizations for operating reach-trucks, forklifts, or other machinery that is used in the warehouse. If necessary, you will be able to participate in different training courses offered by DB Work or the hiring company so that you can develop proper organizing skills or obtain different authorizations.

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