Dutch naval tradition

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Dutch naval tradition - The best shipyards in Europe

Throughout history, the Netherlands has benefited the most from the naval industry. It is one of the countries whose development has been heavily influenced by this sector, both economically and culturally. Between 1950 and 2012, the Dutch maritime navigation was so prosperous that what the Netherlands represents today is precisely owed to this period.

The most famous ports in the Netherlands

Dutch ports such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague have played a crucial role in international trade and the colonization of distant territories.

Rotterdam Port is the largest port in Europe and the third busiest in terms of traffic, following Singapore and Shanghai. Due to its efficiency and capacity, Rotterdam Port acts as a magnet for business people from all sectors.

Amsterdam Port represents the complete recipe when it comes to the tradition of a Dutch shipyard, but it is also an important hub for industry, transportation, and the business sector. It is not just a Dutch shipyard; it is also a meeting point for the largest commodity traders from the Northern and Central European regions. Not to mention the technologies, modernism, and facilities of such a port.

Royal Van Lent

And not just any construction site, even the oldest in the Netherlands. Royal Van Lent is the name of a company founded in 1849. Today, it is part of the Feadship Group, one of the world's largest shipbuilding companies and a major shipbuilding employer that has offered thousands of lucrative opportunities for the best engineers and ship employees worldwide. 

The world's most luxurious yachts were built in this Dutch shipyard, Royal Van Lent. The famous Symphony and Madame Gu are just a few prestigious mentions. 

Employment in the naval sector

If you want to work in the shipping industry in the Netherlands, now is the best time. This sector is more developed than ever, and the number of foreigners employed in these types of shipyards in the Netherlands is higher than the number of Dutch people. 

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