Institutions in the Netherlands

Blogs 24.02.23

Embassies, consulates and other institutions in the Netherlands

When traveling or moving to the Netherlands from any foreign country and encountering problems, the best solution may be just a phone call away. If you have signed an employment contract with DB Work, you can call the DB Work team and ask us to help you. But also, that phone call could be to the embassy of the country you are from. Some problems can be solved at the embassy, while others may be part of the consular package. 

To access all the information on embassies and consulates, you can visit this website where you can find information on how the Dutch embassy can help anyone traveling to the land of tulips. Here's what information you can find depending on your needs and legal situation:

How Embassies and Consulates help you

Embassies in all countries are institutions that although they may not seem to be of much use when you need them can make the difference between getting residency or even citizenship rights in a country. 

If you face a special situation abroad (loss/theft of documents or money, accident, arrest, death), diplomatic missions and consular offices are prepared to grant, in accordance with the legislation in force, upon request or ex officio when the situation requires it, specialized consultancy and consular assistance.

These institutions also prove their usefulness in other situations, such as the ones below:

  • Visa assistance - You can get a visa with the help of the embassy for the country you are going to live in. Moreover, you can also extend an existing visa with the help of the embassy. But this all depends on the laws of the country you are traveling to
  • Consular services - everything from legalizing documents to emergency repatriation assistance or even dealing with people who have died in other countries.
  • Help with health services - You may not know it, but with one call to the embassy, you can get information about a country's health services, and how to find medical services or hospitals.


Before using the services of any Embassy in the Kingdom of the Netherlands or those of the honorary consulates, consult the DB Work team, which is open to give you advice for any situation you face in the Netherlands.

Also, if you need a job in the Netherlands, we are more than willing to provide you with advice and make you aware of offers for the naval, industrial, construction, logistics fields. At the same time, with us you already have access to a lot of information that will facilitate your move to the Netherlands.