How to adapt to the Dutch work culture

Blogs News 14.08.23

How to adapt to the Dutch work culture: customs and values in the professional environment

The Netherlands is not only rich in culture and scenic places, it is also one of Europe's most developed economic centres. Dutch employers offer exceptional working conditions and respect employees' rights. That's why DB Work offers many benefits, all guaranteed by a legal contract signed before you leave for the Netherlands. 

Our support team has a short guide for you today with some tips to help you integrate in the Netherlands if you sign a DB Work contract for one of the jobs on this list, if you're visiting this country for the first time.

Last but not least, you should know that the DB Work support team at the Netherlands headquarters will assist you with information and support from day one and throughout the duration of the contract, so you shouldn't worry about adapting to your new workplace.

Open communication and equal approach

Dutch employers are used to working with specialists from abroad and an egalitarian culture has already been cemented with which absolutely everyone who wants a job in the Netherlands is treated. They communicate openly with every member of every team, valuing each employee's opinion while encouraging feedback and new ideas. 

If you get a job in a shipyard in the Netherlands, you won't feel that there is a hierarchical difference between you and your superiors because they treat everyone with a strong sense of equality. You will be valued, your opinions will be listened to, and as long as you do your job, you won't have any problem.

Work-life balance

Another important aspect of the Dutch work ethic is the value placed on time off. If you want an environment where you have time for family, hobbies or recreational activities after working hours, the Netherlands is where you should expect that. The Dutch put a lot of emphasis on a healthy work-life balance, but also in lifestyle, family or hobbies.

Your rights are protected

Some of the advantages you have in the Netherlands will make the adjustment process much easier than you thought. During the contract period, all your rights are respected, but above all protected by labor protection laws. Moreover, working conditions are designed in a way that ensures the employee is respected and protected.

Diversity is promoted

Not only is diversity promoted, but you will feel accepted and welcome to the workplace, which is essential for you and your desire to grow. The Netherlands is a real example, even having strict anti-discrimination laws and a corporate culture that strongly promotes equality. Moreover, some construction sites in the Netherlands have more foreign workers than resident citizens of the country.

Take advantage of the benefits of a job in the Netherlands

If the process of adapting to the Dutch professional environment has got you thinking, we hope you now have answered all the questions. Now all you have to do is apply for one of the jobs available at DB Work by going to the vacancies list or sending an updated CV to DB Work recruiters will get back to you as soon as possible.

What benefits do you get when hiring through a 100% legal contract at DB Work:

  • Accommodation with everything you need to live comfortably
  • Local transport provided with a DB Work service car
  • Work equipment for every professional
  • Medical health insurance included
  • Support throughout the contract period to obtain various documents or to solve problems
  • An Employment contract is signed before departure
  • International transport by coach or plane, provided by DB Work
  • Access to guides with comprehensive information about living in the Netherlands
  • Access to the Plan4Flex app where you receive real-time information about your work.


Choose to take the step that's important to you and develop your skills in a country that knows what you're worth.