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How to buy a bike in the Netherlands - Expat Guide

Bicycles are the most widely used means of transport in the Netherlands, and there are now more bikes than people living in the whole country. Cycling is practically part of Dutch culture, and now you can find out how important it is and how it will help you in a city like Amsterdam.

So, if you are in the Netherlands to work under a contract with DB Work, this article will definitely be useful to you.

Why it's important to have a bike in the Netherlands

A bicycle is a more common thing than a mobile phone. It's part of the set of items or things that every resident of the Netherlands must have. The entire country and infrastructure have been created specifically to make cycling traffic flow smoothly. Because the terrain of Dutch cities is fairly flat, most people get from place to place by bicycle. 

Therefore, you'll be much more efficient using a bike, and the advantages are even more:

  • It's much faster - Cycling is the fastest of all methods of urban transport because the entire infrastructure in the Netherlands has been designed to favor cyclists.
  • You maintain an active lifestyle - By using your bike every day to get where you need to go, you'll also be able to fulfill the need for a daily movement that everyone should be doing.
  • It's more environmentally friendly - Unlike a country where most transport is done by cars powered by fuel engines, the Netherlands is also an eco-friendly country and the habit of cycling supports this.
  • Be in tune with the Dutch lifestyle - As cycling is an important part of life in the Netherlands, you'll find it easier to integrate into society, attend events and take part in social activities.

Types of bikes

First of all, the bicycle industry is so widespread that no one will even take a second look at the bike you have. You can ride even the cheapest, rusty bike without anyone noticing. You shouldn't be surprised if you meet even a politician riding a very old and poorly maintained women's bike. 

The types of bikes are also quite numerous, and depending on your need, you can choose one of the following:

  • City bikes - These are the most common types of bikes you'll see in towns around the Netherlands, and they're also the most affordable for all walks of life.
  • Trekking bikes - Specially designed for the city, but also outside the city and capable of slightly better performance than a regular city bike. 
  • Mountain bikes - Perfect for outings in nature and longer rides to discover the surroundings of cities.
  • Electric bikes - Also very popular in Dutch towns and cities, especially with couriers and delivery men, but also very common with those who travel long distances to get to the office.

Where to buy a bike in the Netherlands

There are more than 3000 bike shops in the Netherlands, so there's practically a specialist shop within a few hundred meters of wherever you are. 

You can buy a new bike from shops like Decathlon,, or A cheaper but equally effective solution is to buy a second-hand bike. Prices are extremely low as the industry is very developed and you can find a bike for as little as a few tens of euros.

So, if you need to find out what you need to do to get around the Netherlands more easily, follow our tips in this guide. And if you want to get a job in the Netherlands, contact the DB Work team