How do you get a driving license?

Blogs 19.01.23

How do you get a driving license in the Netherlands?

Getting a driving license in the Netherlands is a complex process, which may not be considered very simple, but it will certainly be worth all the effort, and at the end you will enjoy extensive freedom in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is a country you need to discover by visiting, and a driving license will help you enormously to get to those corners of the country that are well worth it. Therefore, the DB Work team not only wants to offer you a job with a Dutch employer, but also to help you improve your life in this country. So here's everything you need to know about getting a driving license in the Netherlands.

Choosing a driving school 

The first step you'll need to take when you want to get your driving license is to find a driving school that's right for you and your needs. In the Netherlands, driving schools are easy to find, there are enough of them and each one offers different prices and different packages. Some of them even offer special packages that will help you to take part in lessons, exams, documentation, but also to be able to manage the whole learning period in terms of time. 

Once you have chosen your driving school, compared prices, decided which one you like or which one is closer to home and which you think is suitable, you need to sign up and start going to the all-important theory lessons.

The theory lessons 

On average, driving schools in the Netherlands will organize around 30-40 theory hours. This is enough for any future driver to be prepared for the practical as well as the theoretical test. However, it is important that you also feel prepared, and if you need more of these hours, you can pay to attend more of these lessons until you feel 100% prepared. 

As for driving lessons to prepare you for the practical test, these can also be bought additionally depending on how much more additional preparation you need. The price for a driving lesson to help you be prepared for the practical test can vary between 30-50 euros. The session is usually 60 minutes long. Full packages offered by driving schools in the Netherlands can cost from as little as 1500 euros, but can also go up to 3000 euros.

The theory test

If you have decided that you are fully prepared for the exams and feel that you will have no difficulties, you can start the process to take the theory test. This exam is designed to test any future driver's knowledge of traffic rules, road signs and other important information related to laws or proper behavior in traffic. The test can be taken directly on the computer and all questions are multiple choice. 

The maximum score that can be achieved in this theory test is 80 points, and to pass the test, you must score at least 60 points. Those who fail to pass the exam on the first attempt will obviously have to retake the exam. 

Practical exam

If you have passed the theory exam and scored at least 60 points, you can go on to take the practical exam. This exam will test the future driver's driving skills, ability to handle a car correctly and safely, knowledge of Dutch traffic laws, road signs, compliance with traffic rules, and will also put the driver in a situation where they will be tested on their reactions to different traffic situations. 

The practical test usually lasts about 45 minutes and an official examiner will be in the car. The examiner will observe how the future driver takes the test and how he or she maneuvers the vehicle. 

Advantages from DB Work

If you get your driver's license or if you already have one, you will even be able to drive the work car offered by DB Work. Every team of workers has transport from work to accommodation provided by DB Work, and a driving license can even be an advantage.