Important events in the Netherlands

Blogs 11.01.23

Important events in the Netherlands that take place every year

We try with each of our publications to provide as much information as possible for those taking up employment in the Netherlands through DB Work. The fact that these workers are moving to a new country can make it difficult for them to settle in, adjust transportation, or to a new government system with certain laws that are different from Romania and any other country they come from. 

DB Work tries to offer these experienced workers a job to their liking, as many advantages as possible, and, obviously, an employment contract. But to make their adjustment as easy as possible, we also give them as much information as possible about the Netherlands, the events that take place there, cultural elements, and what the Dutch are like as people. With that being said, here are the top 7 events in the Netherlands that take place every year.

  1. 27 April - King's Day

27 April is a very special holiday for the Dutch because on this day, most workers are free and the country turns into a royal paradise. On King's Day, the Dutch decorate their homes in orange with all sorts of accessories and decorations, eat special sweet snacks, and go out to shop in specially designed markets, as well as attend festivities and outdoor concerts.

  1. In March, April and May - Tulip Festival

Every year, from the end of March to mid-May, the Netherlands hosts the most spectacular event in the country. The Tulip Festival takes place in Keukenhof Park, near the town of Lisse, between Amsterdam and The Hague. Admission is by ticket: 38 euros, valid for 24 hours. Basically, you have access to the largest open-air garden in the world, where you can admire thousands of flowers on dozens of hectares.

  1. Second Saturday in May - National Windmill Day

Windmills are the emblem of the Netherlands and one of the country's most powerful cultural symbols. Windmill technology was used in dozens of industries and activities, and the Dutch still treasure them today. There are more than 1,000 windmills left of the 10,000 that once stood in the Netherlands. Every year, admission to these windmill museums is free on the second Saturday in May.

  1. 26 June - Amsterdam Music Festival

Every year on 26 June, the Dutch dedicate the whole day to music and do their best to recognize local talent with performances and events. Music has a special place in the hearts of the Dutch, and many stages will be set up near Oosterpark where musical performances will take place and delight adults and children alike. On this day, many events are free of charge.

  1. 23 September - Jordaan Festival in Amsterdam

If you need suggestions for where the hottest parties are in Amsterdam, 23 September will have you looking forward to autumn with bated breath. A whole weekend is reserved for the Jordaan festival. A festival where several select Amsterdam neighborhoods are transformed into outdoor party venues. Thousands of Dutch revelers gather on the streets set up for the party, and bands and DJs liven up each sector. 

  1. 31 October - Amsterdam Marathon

The Dutch are already known to be among the healthiest people in the world thanks to the lifestyle they adopt every day. They are people who do daily sports, eat healthily, and keep a balanced lifestyle. Every year on 31 October, the Amsterdam marathon attracts more than 200 000 spectators who fill the streets to watch a group of athletes who annually run through the city participating in the marathon. 

The marathon route is 42 km long and even takes participants through Amsterdam's nature reserves.

  1. 30 November - Night of Museums

If you're in Amsterdam on 30 November and documentaries with social themes aren't your thing, you can attend Museum Night. Amsterdam is internationally known for hosting the largest number of museums in the world. For a simple ticket of 17.50 euros, you'll get access to over 40 museums that can be visited during the night from 19:00 to 02:00.

The Netherlands seems to be an increasingly good solution for a long-term job.

Many of your future colleagues are already enjoying everything the Netherlands has to offer. Take the plunge with confidence and join the DB Work team!