Jobs the Netherlands provided transport


Jobs in the Netherlands with provided transportation, a convenient and efficient solution. About local transportation with the DB Work service car

The Netherlands is becoming an increasingly popular destination for those seeking new job opportunities and life perspectives. However, finding a job in this country can come with additional challenges, such as organizing transportation to the Netherlands, local transportation to the job, and finding accommodation on your own in an overcrowded country.

That's why, when looking for a job in the Netherlands, it's important to consider not only the job details but also the additional benefits offered by the agency you collaborate with. Look for jobs in the Netherlands with provided transportation. Of course, it is crucial to choose a reliable employment mediation and placement agency in the Netherlands that provides comprehensive information and support throughout the employment contract duration.

What does local transportation provided by DB Work mean?

DB Work, an agency for employment mediation and placement abroad, aims to offer its employees not only advantageous job opportunities but also comfortable and safe living and working conditions, along with a Dutch contract full of benefits. Thus, all specialists who sign an employment contract through DB Work will benefit from a series of advantages designed to facilitate their adaptation and work activities in the Netherlands.

Among these benefits offered by DB Work to its employees is the provision of international transport from their home country to the Netherlands, as well as offering jobs in the Netherlands with provided local transportation.

Each team of employees benefits from a dedicated DB Work service car used for daily travel from accommodation to the workplace and back. If you hold a driver's license, you could even be the driver responsible for the car and for driving your colleagues to work and back.

The DB Work car fleet

All the cars you will have at your disposal in the Netherlands are branded with the DB Work logo. You will drive either a Logan MCV or a Volkswagen. These cars come with 5 or 7 seats, depending on needs or team size. Regardless of the vehicle you will drive, all team members must keep the car clean and follow traffic rules in the Netherlands.

Personal use of the service car

It is also important to know that the use of the DB Work service car is permitted for personal purposes within a limit of 20 km per week, at no additional cost. This can be used by team members for various needs such as regular shopping or travel to leisure destinations during free time. Thus, with jobs in the Netherlands with provided transportation, employees enjoy added flexibility and comfort, being able to address various personal aspects without worrying about transport. However, it is necessary to respect this mileage limit to maintain proper use of the service car.

Responsibility for following traffic rules

Lastly, if you are the driver of the service car provided by DB Work or just one of the employees who arrive at work with this car, you will be responsible for complying with all traffic and parking rules in the Netherlands, ensuring that you adhere to all legal provisions. For example, it is mandatory for everyone in the car to wear a seatbelt at all times during the journey, regardless of how short the route is, or they risk paying a fine.

The DB Work support team will provide you with all the necessary information for using the car correctly and efficiently. This information includes details about recommended routes to ensure you safely reach the workplace and back to the accommodation. Additionally, you will receive practical advice on managing any situations that may arise on the road, ensuring a trouble-free driving experience.

Advantages of jobs in the Netherlands with provided local transportation

Efficiency and convenience. DB Work's initiative to provide service cars significantly reduces the time spent on the road and reduces the stress associated with daily commuting. Thus, employees can arrive at work rested and ready to perform their tasks at the highest standards.

Flexibility and adaptability. The transportation provided by DB Work adapts to the employees' work schedule, offering flexible routes and timetables that meet their specific needs. Regardless of work shifts or unconventional hours, service cars are available to ensure optimal transport conditions.

Economic benefits. With such jobs in the Netherlands with provided transportation, DB Work offers a significant benefit to its employees, saving them money and time that would otherwise be spent on commuting. This facility represents a benefit offered through the employment contract and an additional reason why employees choose to collaborate with DB Work.

Safety and comfort. The safety of our employees is a priority. All vehicles used for local transport undergo regular technical inspections and are equipped with all necessary safety measures to make travel as pleasant as possible.


DB Work continues to innovate and improve the services offered to its employees, and providing international transportation to the Netherlands and local transportation in the Netherlands is a concrete example of our commitment to their well-being and comfort. Through this initiative, we aim to offer not only attractive job opportunities but also a lifestyle that encourages productivity, safety, and satisfaction for our employees.


Exploring career opportunities in the Dutch naval industry through DB Work, you will discover numerous advantages that will support both your professional development and adaptation to the Dutch lifestyle.

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