Low-cost activities in the Netherlands

Blogs 20.09.23

Low-cost activities and events in the Netherlands

Career is important for all professionals at DB Work, but rest days and relaxation moments are just as important. In your free time in the Netherlands, it would be a shame not to discover more about Dutch culture and learn more about a civilization that thrives on prosperity. 

And if you want to save some money too, our team has some recommendations for activities and events you can attend at little or no cost.


Visit free museums

If you want to learn more about Dutch culture and customs, a short trip into history will teach you a lot. And what better way to do this than by visiting the dozens and hundreds of museums the Netherlands has to offer, all over the country? Here are our recommendations:

  • Cheese Museum - Amsterdam
  • Corrie ten Boom House - Haarlem
  • Futureland - Rotterdam
  • Max Euwe Centrum - Amsterdam
  • Rotterdam Radio Museum


You can find even more recommendations of free museums, their opening hours and the days they organize tours by clicking here.


Admire traditional windmills

Dutch windmills are a landmark of Dutch history. The first 600 windmills made up the world's first industrial area more than 250 years ago, and the wind-powered mechanism has been used for much automation since then.

The most beautiful windmills open to visitors can be found in Kinderdijk, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The cost for such a visit is only that of transport, and to enter the mills where this is allowed, you will have to pay a fee of a few euros. Often, entry is free.


Stroll through Amsterdam's famous parks

Nature takes many forms in the Netherlands. So many parks have huge lakes and delightful green spaces, and the flower industry that thrives in this country will keep you coming back to the shady and cool areas. It's free to enter Amsterdam's public parks, and long walks through them are an excellent way to relax and reflect on the level of development of a country where you already have a career.

  • Vondelpark
  • Amsterpark
  • Beatrixpark
  • Westerpark
  • Rembrandtpark
  • Oosterpark
  • Frankedael Park


Pick one of them or schedule a walk in each and you're sure to discover a favorite.


Take a free canal walk

A small boat ride on Amsterdam's canals doesn't come cheap, and for an hour you'll enjoy an amazing experience. 

The price for such a ride is around 16 euros, but with the help of a communicative and caring boat captain, you'll have a ride like you've never had before. 

Around the hundreds of canals you'll come across in the Netherlands you can also take bike rides, short walks, or even practice your photography skills.


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