Your First Day in the Netherlands

Blogs News 22.08.23

What to Expect on Your First Day in the Netherlands: Steps Taken by the Support Team

Below, we detail what to expect on your first day in the Netherlands. If you have signed the contract with DB Work, you have made the right choice. If you're still undecided, our support team's services will alleviate your concerns and answer your questions, helping you make the best decision for you.

Operational Headquarters and Support Team in Sliedrecht 

From day one, everything is ready for you so that you and your colleagues can start your new career path without any worries. Once you've arrived in the Netherlands, by international transport provided by DB Work, you'll arrive at the headquarters in Sliedrecht, where you'll meet our support team face-to-face for the first time. 

In this initial meeting, you will receive all necessary information, guidance on settling in the Netherlands, and helpful tips to assist you. The Sliedrecht office is just one of DB Work offices in the Netherlands. Read more about our other locations here.

The Welcome pack from DB Work

Also on the first day you arrive in the Netherlands, you will receive a welcome pack from the DB Work support team. Every DB Work employee receives such a package. Your work schedule will be presented as well, this is where you will clearly see when your first day of work is and what is the schedule for the following days.

Throughout this process, don't hesitate to ask for additional information or clarify any queries you may have about working hours, accommodation, transport, or other necessities. Don't forget that also from DB Work, you'll get access to the Plan4Flex app, where there are centralized important documents, you can see your work schedule, and the days off.

You get details of the address where you will live

On your first day in the Netherlands, you'll be equipped with essential information to kickstart this important phase of your career. So, to make you as comfortable as possible, as we said from the start, at DB Work, accommodation is provided. And on this first day you will also receive the address where you will live, as well as the keys to the accommodation. 

We have a lot of details published about DB Work accommodation, but also what rules you have to follow as soon as you move into your new home

Get your DB Work service car

Another perk for every DB Work employee is hassle-free local transport in the Netherlands. Every day, you will be able to go to work and back home using the DB Work cars that you will use, together with your housemates. If you have a driving licence, even better, you could be the driver yourself.

The DB Work support team will also give you all the information you need to use the car correctly. The car can also be used for personal needs, up to 20 km per week.

Your only responsibility will be to follow the rules of the road and the parking rules in the Netherlands and make sure you do everything according to the law.


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Here we present you the benefits that you get with a DB Work contract:


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Don't hesitate, take the important career step and choose to be put in the spotlight by employers in the Netherlands! You can apply for the shipbuilding, constructions, logistics or industrial sector.