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Why It's Essential to Look for Jobs in the Netherlands with Accommodation Provided

If you're in search of a job abroad, the Netherlands offers a multitude of opportunities, and through DB Work, you'll find offers in the naval, industrial, logistics, and construction sectors. Choosing jobs in the Netherlands with accommodation provided, as we make available at DB Work, will be a very good decision. In this article, we'll show you exactly why to choose this option and how DB Work can help you build a prosperous career in the Netherlands.

Accommodations in the Netherlands are hard to find

Searching for a job abroad is a challenge, but when it comes to working in the Netherlands, you have an additional challenge: finding accommodation quickly, available from the first day on the job. The most popular classifieds sites in the Netherlands are:

  • Funda: It's one of the largest rental sites in the Netherlands.

  • Pararius: This site offers a wide range of rental properties in different cities across the Netherlands.

  • Huurstunt: Another popular platform, with housing options available in various regions of the Netherlands.

  • Kamernet: If you're looking for a room to rent or a flatmate, Kamernet is ideal.

  • Marktplaats: It is one of the largest classifieds sites in the Netherlands.

However, you should know that in the Netherlands, a country with a high population density, the demand for accommodation, especially in large cities, is very high. Dutch people also choose renting as an alternative to the high prices of owning a home. Moreover, this country is an important tourist destination, but also popular among international students, which increases, again, the demand for accommodations.

In practice, most often, you can find available accommodation only after one or even several months from the moment you start looking.

Safety and stability from the first day in the Netherlands

These jobs in the Netherlands with accommodation, through DB Work, eliminate all these problems: you will have a residence with utilities included, secured from the first day you arrive in the Netherlands, without headaches, without stress and worries for you or for the family back home. You will live together with other DB Work colleagues and will manage together the tasks of taking care of the house, sharing at the same time the costs regarding common expenses.

DB Work ensures that you don't have to navigate the Dutch real estate market on your own. As a DB Work professional, from the first day you arrive at your new job abroad, you will receive the keys to the accommodation, along with all the useful information for you.

Thus, when you take a job in the Netherlands with accommodation provided, you are guaranteed a certain stability and safety in your daily life. You will know that you have a place to return to after a day of work and that you don't have to worry about anything else. With accommodation arranged, you can focus on settling into your new job and your new job without the additional stress of looking for a house.

Saving money with monthly rent and other costs

By opting for a job in the Netherlands with accommodation included in the DB Work employment contract, you will eliminate the concern related to the monthly payment of rent and you will be able to save a considerable amount of money. Managing accommodation independently in the Netherlands can be a significant financial burden, especially when considering deposits and advance rent payments. This arrangement allows you to better manage your finances and avoid the pitfalls of unexpected housing costs, giving you the freedom to allocate your hard-earned money where needed.

Those who look for accommodation independently notice that rent prices are often very high, and security deposits may also require a significant amount of money. For a one-room apartment, rent can start at 1000 euros, but to these are added, initially, a security deposit that will be recovered at the end of the contract. The owner returns the deposit at the end of the rental, retaining amounts for any arrears or damages. To these costs can be added fees related to home insurance.

Easier adaptation with roommates

Moving to a new country can be a major challenge, especially if you do not know the language, culture, and local work system. Having accommodation provided by DB Work through the employment contract, you will benefit from a stable and comfortable environment, which will allow you to focus more on the job and adapt more quickly to life in the Netherlands.

By choosing jobs in the Netherlands with accommodation through DB Work, you opt for convenience, but you also have the additional advantage of living with colleagues of the same nationality, you can spend quality time with them and offer each other help - essential things for a positive work experience abroad.


Looking for jobs in the Netherlands with accommodation provided can be extremely advantageous for you, both financially and from the perspective of adaptation and professional development. Jobs with accommodation provided eliminate uncertainty. You don't have to worry about where you will sleep or whether you will have to move from place to place.

If you are looking for a job opportunity in the Netherlands and want to start your career in an organized environment, find out what jobs we have available through DB Work, an agency authorized for the mediation and placement of labor abroad.

Here are the benefits you will have if you work in the Netherlands through DB Work.