The culture of cycling in the Netherland

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The culture of cycling in the Netherlands

Netherlands is renowned for its deeply ingrained culture of cycling, being a country where this form of transportation can become a way of life, much more than just a simple means of getting around. As a future or current employee of DB Work, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with this social peculiarity in the Netherlands.

Even though as a DB Work employee, you have local transportation provided through company vehicles, this article will help you understand why you can also consider using this mode of transport whenever you are in the Netherlands.

Bicycle-Friendly Infrastructure

For short distances, especially in cities, bicycles offer a complete alternative to public transportation and passenger cars. Bicycles satisfy over a quarter of the Dutch population's general transportation needs, and the number of two-wheeled vehicles exceeds that of citizens.

Dedicated bicycle infrastructure has evolved over time, facilitating and promoting the culture of cycling among people of all ages. The Netherlands boasts a bicycle-friendly infrastructure with dedicated bike lanes, special traffic signs, and ample bike parking facilities.

The country is equipped with a fine network of approximately 35,000 kilometers of (fast) bike lanes, which are used for commuting from point A to point B as well as for recreational purposes.

Netherlands also provides extensive parking facilities, including public and private parking, some of which are underground. Most of these parking spots are free, but some may involve a small fee, and many are equipped with video surveillance for bicycle security.

Cycling Culture in Everyday Life

Cycling offers numerous advantages, both for the environment and personal health, by promoting physical exercise and reducing carbon emissions. Therefore, if you plan to stay in the Netherlands for an extended period, you can either rent or buy a bicycle.

In the Netherlands, renting a bicycle is a straightforward and affordable process. You can start your search for bicycle rentals by visiting rental stations at train stations or in central areas of cities. Another popular option is to use online or mobile app-based bicycle rental services, where you can easily reserve and pay for the desired bike at generally reasonable rates.

Cycling culture is encouraged and embraced in the daily lives of the Dutch, representing the values of sustainability and health in society. Cycling is not just a mode of transportation but also a way to live a healthier and more environmentally friendly life.

It's no coincidence that the Dutch offer numerous facilities for those who use this mode of transportation. For instance, the government has even developed a well-organized platform to track stolen bicycles.

What You Need to Know if You're Already Working in the Netherlands with DB Work

For those residing in the Netherlands, integrating into the cycling culture is crucial. It's recommended to be aware of traffic rules and familiarize yourself with cyclist etiquette.

There are basic rules that every cyclist should follow in the Netherlands, including obeying traffic signs, using safety equipment, and giving priority to pedestrians and other cyclists. Additionally, you should be attentive to fines you might receive for cycling in pedestrian zones.

Here are the speed limits for cyclists in the Netherlands:

  • On roads: 45 km/h;
  • On shared bike/moped paths outside built-up areas: 40 km/h;
  • On shared bike/moped paths within built-up areas: 30 km/h.

Cycling in the Netherlands is more than just a mode of transportation; it's a longstanding tradition that reflects the values of Dutch society. By understanding and embracing this culture, anyone can experience easier integration and a higher quality of life while working and living in the Netherlands, which is our wish for all DB Work specialists.

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