Dutch university system

Blogs News 05.05.23

Do you have grown children? Everything you need to know about the Dutch university system

Among the jobs we do every day for the Netherlands, in shipping, industry, construction and logistics, we meet a lot of specialists who are also people with very nice families. Their move to the Netherlands often brings up the question of accompanying teenage children they want to bring to the Netherlands to give them a much better education. 

If you're thinking of taking a career step, give your child that too by finding out all about the Dutch university system. 

General information about the Dutch university education system

The Netherlands university system is a fairly simple and easy-to-understand one. There are two types of universities you can attend depending on your passion and learning style. There are universities with a research profile marked with the abbreviation WO and universities with an applied science profile marked with the abbreviation HBO. 

If you want to follow a research program, there is a list of around 18 universities with a research profile throughout the Netherlands that you can apply to. The number of those with an applied science profile is slightly higher, at 43 in total across the country. 

If you want to apply more easily, you should choose universities in the Netherlands with an applied sciences profile, as the whole application process is simpler. All you'll need is your bachelor's degree.

What do you need to know before studying in the Netherlands?

If your employment and contract with your future employer in the Netherlands have been finalized, your children will probably also want to learn about the Dutch university system. Here's a summary of the most important things you need to consider if you want to apply to universities in the Netherlands:

  • Accommodation in the Netherlands - If you will be a student in the Netherlands, the best solution from all points of view is the Student Housing system. This means that you will be able to live in a house with several students so that you can share the costs. Usually, the cost is around 400 euros per month.
  • Cost of living - On average, a student needs a maximum of 1200 euros per month to live in the Netherlands. If you take advantage of student programs, discounts, and offers, chances are you won't even need 1000 euros, but given the global economic situation, the most realistic estimate is a minimum of 1000 euros.
  • Lifestyle - The Netherlands is one of the countries that can give you the best student experience you can have. The cities are perfect for students, the communities are sporty, the people have healthy diets, the landscapes are excellent, and everywhere you turn you will find great environments to learn and study effectively.

Study and admission conditions in the Netherlands

Study conditions in the Netherlands are excellent for a young person experiencing this level of study for the first time. The Netherlands is the best recommendation we can make to any young person. Here are some features for study and university admissions in the Netherlands that will help you understand the university context in this country:

  • The university environment in the Netherlands puts a lot of emphasis on problem-solving
  • You need an average of at least 7.50 in the baccalaureate
  • You can benefit from paid internships while you study
  • You have better job opportunities
  • Fees of around 2300 euros per year can be covered by government loans

University education is the goal of many students, and all you have to do is apply to one of the most modern education systems in the world. 

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