Employment in the Naval Sector


Employment in the Naval Sector in the Netherlands - Specific Requirements and Criteria

The Netherlands is renowned for its world-class naval industry, having a significant global impact. With thousands of ships built annually in its shipyards, this country constantly offers opportunities for professionals in this field. DB Work, a well-known agency for mediation and placement of workforce abroad, has top partners in the Dutch naval sector and continually selects experts for this dynamic industry.

This article aims to provide an overview of the requirements and criteria needed to work in the naval sector in the Netherlands, highlighting the advantages of collaborating with DB Work.

Types of Jobs in the Naval Sector through DB Work

DB Work offers a wide range of jobs in the naval sector, each with specific requirements tailored to the industry's needs. From naval mechanics and welders to electricians and painters, each role requires a series of skills and certifications to ensure professionals are well-prepared for the specific challenges of each position. Therefore, regardless of your specialization in the naval sector, DB Work can help you find the right job that leverages your experience and professional skills.

  • Naval Mechanic: Responsibilities include maintaining and repairing ships and boats, as well as installing or replacing equipment. These professionals are essential for keeping vessels in optimal working condition.
  • Naval Welder: Naval welders are crucial for both the construction and repair of ships, requiring specific welding authorizations. They must be capable of working with different types of metal and welding techniques.
  • Naval Painter: Tasks include painting and finishing the interior and exterior surfaces of ships. Painters ensure the protection and aesthetic appearance of the vessels.
  • Naval Carpenter: Manufacturing and installing wooden elements such as floors and furniture are the main responsibilities. Carpenters contribute to the comfort and functionality of the ship's interiors.
  • Naval Locksmith: Repairing and manufacturing metal components, including pipes and heating systems. Locksmiths play a crucial role in ensuring the structural integrity of the ships.
  • Naval Electrician: Installing and maintaining electrical systems on ships, including lighting and navigation systems. Electricians are responsible for the correct and safe operation of electrical systems.
  • Naval Pipefitter: Maintaining and repairing water, gas, and fuel pipes, as well as assembling piping systems. Pipefitters ensure the efficient functioning of fluid systems onboard.


General Requirements for Employment in the Naval Sector

Professional Experience: To work in the naval sector in the Netherlands, previous experience in the industry is essential. Dutch employers seek professionals who have previously worked in ship construction or maintenance and have a deep understanding of industry standards and procedures.

English Proficiency: Although knowledge of the Dutch language is not required, conversational English is a criterion often required by Dutch employers and can be crucial in the selection process. Effective communication and knowledge of specialized terms in English are essential to ensure efficiency within the work team.

Specific Requirements and Criteria

VCA CertificateThe VCA (VGM Checklist voor Aannemers) certificate is mandatory for any worker in the Dutch naval industry. It certifies knowledge of safety and work protection rules and is required for employment in all jobs in this field.

Other Certifications: For positions such as naval welders, specific welding authorizations obtained through CNCIR are necessary. Other positions may require knowledge of isometric plans or technical drawings, usually proven through practical experience. DB Work can help you obtain these necessary certifications to become eligible for the desired positions.

Advantages of Collaborating with DB Work

Career Opportunity Identification: DB Work collaborates with an extensive network of top employers in the Netherlands, providing candidates with access to various opportunities suited to their level of experience and qualifications.

Application Process Support: DB Work offers support in drafting resumes, application files, or, if necessary, cover letters, tailored to the Dutch labor market's requirements.

Cultural Integration Support: DB Work ensures continuous support in the cultural and professional adaptation process in the Netherlands. We constantly provide essential information about daily life in this country, from the healthcare system to housing aspects.

Specialization Courses: DB Work organizes specialization and professional training courses, such as VCA courses, essential for complying with safety standards in the Netherlands.

Comprehensive Benefits Package: DB Work offers advantageous Dutch employment contracts to those who wish to gain experience or already have years of work in the naval industry. The contract includes a consistent benefits package, with housing and medical insurance among these benefits.


Working in the naval industry in the Netherlands through DB Work offers numerous advantages, from continuous support and assured facilities to remarkable professional opportunities. If you are a qualified professional in the naval sector, do not hesitate to join our team. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you build a successful career in the Netherlands.