Jobs in the Netherlands through DB Work


Jobs in the Netherlands through DB Work: More than a Professional Commitment

With each passing year, the DB Work team demonstrates its commitment to the professionals with whom we collaborate, as the well-being of our employees is at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make. We are proud that, in addition to offering job opportunities in the Netherlands, professional and financial commitments, and a substantial package of additional benefits, we constantly provide DB Work professionals opportunities for personal development, socializing, and participating in extracurricular activities.

In the 10 years of DB Work's activity, we have aimed to build more than just a simple mediation between professionals and companies in the Netherlands. Thus, we offer not only jobs in the Netherlands, but also an environment where our employees feel appreciated, supported, and encouraged to reach their full potential. From the usual activities of selecting candidates to events specially designed for DB Work professionals, we aim to strengthen and invest in long-term professional relationships, with long-term benefits.

Here's an overview of activities dedicated to our collaborators or future collaborators.

Spain: Network Connections with Territorial Employment Agencies

In Spain, our recruiters participate annually in career events organized by territorial employment agencies. These events provide a platform for networking and discovering professionals interested in working for top employers in the Netherlands. Our presence at these events not only helps us find the right talents for the naval, industrial, construction, and logistics fields, but also allows us to stay connected with local employment trends and needs, so we can offer people eager to work in the Netherlands exactly what they are looking for.

Career Fairs with Job Offers in the Netherlands

Our administrative team in the Netherlands is particularly active in participating in various career fairs. These fairs are essential in identifying potential new collaborators, ensuring that we offer the best job opportunities to those interested. The team's participation in these fairs is evidence of our proactive approach to workforce planning and professional search. Our team interacts directly with job seekers and thus can more efficiently guide them to suitable positions.

Romania: Job Caravans and Open Days Events

In Romania, the DB Work offices in Galați, Constanța, and Ploiești are central to the recruitment processes of professionals in the naval, industrial, logistic, or construction fields. Our teams frequently organize events to promote various job offers in the Netherlands, such as job fairs, recruitment caravans for professionals, or events at the three offices, such as Open Days. The most recent event of this kind was the Job Fair in Tulcea, organized in January 2024 for professionals in the naval and technical field.

Special Initiatives for DB Work Professionals

Picnics and Barbecues. Beyond professional commitments, we place a great emphasis on team building and creating a positive work environment. In this regard, our offices in the Netherlands have organized various leisure time events specially dedicated to DB Work employees, such as barbecues and picnics. We wanted these meetings organized in a relaxed setting to be more than just fun activities. We aimed to make them activities where employees share ideas and build strong camaraderie bonds.

Dutch Food Truck. Among the initiatives we pride ourselves on is the DB Work Frietkar - the food truck that stops every Friday at various locations in the Netherlands where DB Work employees are located. This is not just an ordinary food truck, but a symbol of Dutch tradition, bringing culinary joy to our employees: the fries we serve are crispy, robust, and typical of the Dutch style, accompanied by various delicious sauces.

More than just a food break, our Frietkar is a moment of meeting and socializing for employees. It is an opportunity for them to unwind, share experiences, and enjoy a culinary tradition in a relaxing setting. This initiative supports not only the culture and well-being of employees but also the idea of a workplace community.

Football Cup. Almost every year, DB Work organizes a football cup for employees to bring together team colleagues, specialists, and professionals from all DB Work projects in the Netherlands. The winners are awarded, the atmosphere is excellent, everyone has fun, drinks Dutch beer, and in the end, we are happier because we managed to be together again.

Ongoing Support Activity of the DB Work Team

On the other hand, in the Netherlands, the DB Work teams from the operational offices are focused not only on organizing leisure events but especially on providing the necessary support to employees.

Our team is ready to help DB Work professionals with any professional problem they encounter and to offer them information and support when needed. They welcome DB Work professionals on the day they arrive in the Netherlands, hand over the "Welcome" Package, and manage essential aspects such as international transport, accommodation with other colleagues, transport with DB Work fleet cars, or distribution of protective equipment.

With this well-organized structure, at DB Work we ensure the efficiency and rapid support for all the professionals we collaborate with, facilitating a smooth transition to a new work environment and giving due respect to all those who sign contracts for jobs in the Netherlands through DB Work.

Whether it's participating in career fairs, collaborating with territorial employment agencies, or organizing team-building activities, we strive to create a productive, inclusive, and enjoyable work environment for all our employees. We invest in each DB Work professional because we are aware that our collective success depends on the personal and professional success of each of them.

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