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Blogs News 30.10.23

Jobs in the Netherlands, transport provided and other benefits through DB Work

The Netherlands is attracting more and more expats in search of job opportunities and a new perspective on life. But the process of finding a job in this developed country sometimes comes with additional worries, such as organizing transport to the Netherlands and finding accommodation on your own.

That's why it's essential to pay attention not only to what the job itself offers, but also to the additional benefits an agency provides.

DB Work offers jobs in the Netherlands with transport provided

DB Work is an agency that offers jobs in the Netherlands while providing the transport aswell. The fields in which DB Work offers job opportunities for specialists and professionals are naval, industrial, construction, and logistics.

While working with DB Work, you get a number of benefits once you sign the employment contract, including guaranteed transport to the Netherlands. As part of the DB Work team you start a flourishing career in the field you specialize in, but you also benefit from much easier accommodation, efficient travel arrangements and support in obtaining documents.

Jobs Netherlands: transportation by bus

With DB Work, the journey from your country to the job in the Netherlands becomes simple and comfortable, without having to worry about how to arrive in another country where you’re about to start working. 

Departures are made from different cities and employees are informed in advance of the exact departure point. If you live in a different town from your departure point, the DB Work team will either arrange for the bus to pick you up from your departure point or arrange for you to stay one night in the town from where you will board the bus to the Netherlands. 

Jobs in the Netherlands: transport provided by plane 

Depending on the city, date of departure, number of employees or other special conditions, DB Work can also provide transport by airplane. Tickets are booked and planned so that employees have enough time to prepare. All you need to do is show up to the airport with your luggage and all the necessary documents, leaving the rest to the DB Work team. 

At DB Work we provide two trips to your country per year

During a year, each employee can make two trips to their country, which are provided by DB Work. Most of the time, these trips are organized by bus, but there are also exceptions for these trips to be made by plane. The cost of air travel is reimbursed by DB Work up to a maximum of EUR 200 for ticket.

Additional benefits during the trip

DB Work wants every journey to be as comfortable as possible. During the journey, we also make stops in secure areas for relaxation and food. Additionally, you have the opportunity to rest, watch a film or socialize with your future work or accommodation colleagues.

During the trip to the Netherlands, the DB Work support team sends each employee, via WhatsApp, a list of guides and articles with useful information that will be of great help in the Netherlands, both for the settling-in period and for understanding the Dutch culture.

Don't worry, you'll have access to free Wi-Fi in the bus. So you can keep in touch with family and friends or consult the information the DB Work team provides about the Netherlands. Traveling to the Netherlands is an extremely enjoyable experience, as you can watch films or give your family details of your location at any time.

Here are the extra benefits that you will get with a DB Work contract:

  • Local transport provided with a DB Work company car
  • Accommodation with everything you need to live comfortably
  • Work equipment
  • Medical health insurance included
  • Support throughout the contract period to obtain various documents or to solve work related problems
  • International transport by bus or plane, provided by DB Work
  • Access to guides with comprehensive information about living in the Netherlands
  • Access to the Plan4Flex app where you receive real-time information about your work.


Learn more about the benefits offered by DB Work contracts! Are you ready for your new career in the Netherlands? If you are interested in a job in the Netherlands, send your updated CV to